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Is Playstation 4 backwards compatible?

Is Playstation 4 backwards compatible

Playstation 4 is a great console. Probably the best console that Sony has ever made. It is simple to use, powerful, has amazing exclusives, it is very cheap, it already has the upgraded version that features better graphics and capability to play games in 4K resolution. Also, it is very straight forward. But here is the question… Is Playstation 4 backwards compatible? Can you play old PS3 games on your new Playstation 4? Well… answer on this question is not so simple. We will try to give you the answer on this question.

Is Playstation 4 backwards compatible?

So, is the Playstation 4 backwards compatible? Unfortunately, it isn`t. When the console came out there was no feature that allowed you to play old PS3 games on your new PS4 console. This was probably the only bad choice made by Sony. All the other Sony consoles were backwards compatible, you were able to play old games on your new console. Which was always a great thing considering that you were able to replay the old games that you might didn`t finished or you wanted to replay them all over again. It was somewhat baffling that you were not able to play old PS3 games on your new PS4. And it stayed that way for almost 4 years, But Sony realised that they need to allow gamers to play older PS3 games.

Playstation Now:

This is the service that will change it now. PlayStation Now is a streaming service that allows you to stream all the PS3 games on the supported devices, not only your PS4. So you will be able to play all the old games without any problem, and you won`t need to own the physical copy of any of those games. The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to the service and pay a monthly subscription and you will have the access to the all of the PS3 games. But there is a negative side to this. The price of the service is pretty steap, it will cost you around 15$ monthly. And the service is not yet available worldwide, only in few countries. And the possible problem is streaming of the games, this can always present some kind of the problem, especially if the internet connection is not that good in the area where you live. Or if the Playstation Now servers are down, then the service is pretty much unusable.

Was this a right choice made by Sony?

Did Sony make a right choice with offering the streaming service for old PS3 games without giving a real backwards compatibility support to PS4? Well, this was definitely not the best choice, at least not for gamers. Because now you need to pay yet another subscription just to play old games. And you maybe have a bunch of your old PS3 games that are now pretty much unusable. It is hard to believe that a lot of people will use Playstation Now service, firstly because of the price of the service and secondly because of the possible problems that could occur with the service. Sony is just a company and they need to create ways to earn even more money. That is why the service costs so much. But let’s be real, the price is too high. It would be perfect if service would cost around 10$ or even lower. That Playstation Now service would have a real chance to be something big. And we really hope that in the future price of the service will be lower, which in the end will increase the number of subscribers and satisfied customers.

PS4 itself isn`t backwards compatible which is a real shame. It is a great chance that has been missed. If the PS4 had included the backwards compatibility at the start, then Sony would probably sell even more PS4 consoles. Don`t get us wrong. PS4 is an amazing console, the best gaming console that is out right now. But the exclusion of the backwards compatibility made the console little more features. If only we had backwards compatibility at the start, PS4 would be literally the perfect console without any problem or missing feature. But Playstation Now service is what we will get. And We really hope that it will be good.