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What is Playstation Now?

PlayStation Now is a new service from PlayStation. But what is it really? What will it offer to the gamers and the fans of the PlayStation system? PlayStation useful service that will make owning PlayStation 4 even more appealing? Or will it fall flat on the ground and no one will use it? In this article, we will try to answer that question and explain everything that PlayStation Now service will offer to the gamers. We will also tell you should you use the service or just ignore it. All of this questions will be answered in this article. So let`s start.

What is PlayStation Now service?

Introducing PlayStation Now – it is a game streaming service that will allow you to play pretty much all of PlayStation 3 games on all compatible devices over the internet. You can even continue games that you didn`t finish and continue on the device of your choosing. This way you will never lose your game progress. For now, PlayStation Now service is available in 3 countries, UK, Belgium, and Netherlands. But service will become available in other countries in close future. The price of PlayStation service will be 12.99 pounds per month.

Is PlayStation Now a good Idea?

In our opinion – yes, it is something that we have waited for too long. Only negative that many people had with PlayStation 4 was that it wasn`t backward compatible. You were not able to play PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 4. But now you will finally get that option, and even more. You will be able to stream all PlayStation 3 games on supported devices, which probably include personal computers. Also, you will get the access to the large library of PlayStation 3 games. You will have pretty much all the games that you need, you will never run out of them. Which is a definitely a plus for every hardcore gamer and PlayStation fan. Also, by streaming the games on the devices, not downloading them, you will have no problem with memory storage. But we definitely recommend you to have an unlimited internet traffic so you would be able to stream all of those games. Now you can probably see why the PlayStation Now service is such a great Idea. But, there are a few problems.

Not so good things about PlayStation Now:

First, the price of the service. It will cost you 12.99 pounds, which is the pretty steep price. If you are also paying the PlayStation Plus service, you will spend more than 16 pounds a month on just Playstation service alone. If you add the price of the internet connection, this hobby could cost you a great amount every month. Another problem is that streaming the games never has been proven as a great option for playing the games. There is a high chance of internet connection problems, loss of the connection etc. Many of us still remember the OnLive console and how all of that has ended up. But internet connection has become much better than in those times, so we can hope that PlayStation Now won`t have many connections or streaming issues.

PlayStation Now is a great idea from Sony that will be used by many people. Especially those who never finished some of the PlayStation 3 games or those who want to relive those special moments that PlayStation 3 games have given to them. There are some possible problems with this service, but with all new things can come some problems which, helpfully will be resolved fast. Because there is a bright future ahead for the PlayStation Now service.

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