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What PlayStation games are VR compatible?

What PlayStation games are VR compatible

With the release of Playstation VR, the gaming industry has realized that there is finally a big install base for all the VR games. Playstation VR already has more than 500 000 sold units, probably even more now. This gives all the developers room to seriously consider the development of VR games or VR compatible games. This is the point that will change it all and which will bring VR gaming on a big door. The only thing that we need is hope that those games will be good and memorable. Even now we can find some PS4 games that are VR compatible, which is pretty great. It gives you, even more, games in which you can use the PlayStation VR headset. But which games are VR compatible? Well, let’s find out.

Ace Combat 7:

Ace Combat is a legendary franchise of fighter plane simulations. We will finally get the new installment of the game this year. And best of all, it will be VR compatible. We can only imagine how exciting and immersive it could be to fight the fighter jet with your VR headset on your head. We can`t wait until the game is out, because we are sure that whole experience will be pretty amazing.

Resident Evil VII:

Resident Evil VII is one of the best horror games that has come out in last few years. It has binged back the whole franchise to the horror roots which was the thing that all of the gamers wanted. Last few entries were action games with almost none of the horror elements. No one wanted to play RESI games anymore. But Capcom finally has made a great choice and made a pure horror game from first person perspective. And man it is scary. But when you use PlayStation VR headset with it, then you will get to a whole another level of scary. You will literally feel like you are there. Like you are inside the Bakers house and that you need to escape as soon as possible. If you can get easily scared, then you should not try it, because you will probably never wanted to play any game with a headset on.

ARK: Survival Evolved:

ARK is a great survival game based in a fantasy world full of dinosaurs and some mythical creatures. This game is already fun in itself with many gameplay options. You can build the base, tame the dinosaurs, and other animals. You can also play it online against other people. You can create a clan and play with other people. The possibilities are pretty much endless. And the great thing is that the game supports PlayStation VR. This will make the whole experience even more immersive. You will literally feel like you are surviving in the real life, not just in VR headset. ARK is a game that will definitely benefit the capability to use PlayStation VR headset while playing the game. There is no survival game that comes even close to that.

Gran Turismo Sport:

Gran Turismo is well know racing simulator that is exclusive to Playstation. Probably every gamer has played at least one installment of the game in their life. This new installment offers pretty amazing graphic, almost life-like graphics. Great gameplay and beautiful cars. And the best thing is that it supports the use of the PlayStation VR headset. With the headset, the game becomes one of the most immersive experiences that you can try. You will feel like you are driving a real car. This could be almost used to teach people how to drive a car in real life. It is that good. Playstation VR pushes the whole experience to the whole new level.

Tekken 7:

Tekken is one of the best fighting simulators ever. Every gamer has heard about this franchise and probably played at some point in their life. A new installment of the game will be even better than the older installments of the game. And, of course, it will feature the VR support. With VR headset you will literally be inside the game and feel like you are watching the real fight. This is how immersive VR is. Tekken will be amazing, especially with the VR headset on.

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