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Why the PS4 is better than the Xbox

Why the PS4 is better than the Xbox

In 2013 we got the whole new generation of the gaming consoles. We got Playstation 4 and Xbox One. And as soon as the consoles were presented to the public, gamers have already known which console will be better. And after almost 4 years, they were right. The better console is Playstation 4. And there are many reasons why is that. Why Playstation 4 has resonated with the gamers and why did Xbox one failed so miserably. Why now Playstation is outselling Xbox one 2:1. And why is there almost no chance that Xbox One will outsell the Playstation 4. And why is that? We will tell you in this article. We hope that you will like it.

The marketing of the consoles:

The first place where Xbox failed miserably was the marketing. Marketing of the console was really, really bad, almost comical. And the reason is because they have marketed their console as an all-in-one entertainment system. Which no one asked for. There was only talk about TV, TV and again TV. They also talk about streaming services a lot. There was almost no talk about the games. It was like the forgot what is their market, to who do they need to market their console. They market it to casual gamers and people who never owned Xbox. Which was a crucial mistake because Xbox One isn`t a casual console. It is a console for gamers. And that was the message that they didn`t get across.

But on the other hand, Sony did everything right. They knew what is their fanbase. To who they need to market their console. And they did just that. They talked about the specs of the console. They talked about the games, the exclusives and all the things that Playstation 4 will offer. And the best thing is that the price of the console was 100$ cheaper than the price of the Xbox One. Sony did learn to form their mistakes in the past. While on the other hand, Microsoft has become too greedy.

The power of the consoles:

Xbox One and Playstation 4 have very similar specs on the paper. But in the reality, Playstation 4 is much more powerful than Xbox one which is even more evident nowadays. Xbox One can`t run most the games in 1080p. It has mostly lower FPS than Playstation 4 and lower graphic details. While PS4 is much more powerful, especially PS4 Pro which can play games in 4K resolution, which is a whole new thing. This makes the Xbox One fell like it is the last gen console. Microsoft will release the Xbox One Scorpio this year, but it probably won`t change the interest for the console. Playstation 4 will still be the best selling console in this console cycle. Sony knew that they need to make a powerful console at the start and they did just that.

The exclusives:

This is where Playstation 4 shines. It has probably the best exclusives that any console has ever had. We already got Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Last Of Us Remastered, Killzone Shadowfall, Bloodborne, Nier Automata, Nioh. And the games that will come are even more amazing, God of War, Days Gone, The Last of Us part II, Detroit: Become Human, Spiderman, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to name the few. People at Sony are aware that exclusive games are the way how to differentiate yourself from the competition. And also that good exclusives will bring people to your system and make them stay on it for a very long time. And Playstation 4 is doing just that. While, on the other hand, Xbox One doesn`t have any good exclusives that will come out. And the ones that have come out were not so good, like Recore, Halo 5, Halo Wars 2. Microsoft didn`t do their homework. It is like they forgot why did first Xbox, and especially Xbox 360 on which they had some amazing exclusives. You can expect people to buy your console over the competition if your console is underpowered, and especially if the exclusives that you offer are too far between and not that good. And that is what is happening right now to the Xbox One.

Additional features:

Sony was on the point when they were presenting Playstation 4 to the public. They knew that people are not interested in the console for TV streaming services and etc. You can use them of course, but they are not the main focus of the console. Also the additional periphery, like PS4 camera, it was out as soon as the Playstation 4 was out, but you didn`t have to own it to have the whole PS4 experience. While on the other hand, Microsoft had forced you to use the Kinect that was still pretty bad and not functional. It made the whole console more cumbersome and harder to use. And there were also privacy problems that have come with using the Kinect. And should we even talk about the sharing of the games? That idea of Microsoft was not to enable sharing the games with your friends at all. While Sony did just opposite, they allowed you to share the games with your friends just like you used to on the older Playstation Models.

VR compatibility:

Xbox One does not feature any VR compatibility and there are no indications that it will feature any in the future. While on the other hand, we already have the PSVR which is already the best-selling real VR headset on the market. And most important thing is that its works great, It are very user-friendly, have some amazing exclusives, also the design of the headset itself is amazing and comfortable to wear. The whole VR system is dirt cheap considering the other VR headsets on the market. Microsoft failed even here. Its like they don`t see what future of the gaming is, what is the new big thing in the gaming sphere. While Sony is doing just opposite. They know what is that new thing and they do all that they can to be a part of that revolution. And they are doing it so well.