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How Playstation VR Works

How Playstation VR Works

VR is the next big thing in gaming. From the first steps of crowdfunding for Oculus Rift. VR gaming has become very close to reality, and now we finally have it. We have three major companies that are making VR headsets, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and most popular one, and best-selling one, PS VR. This VR headset is cheapest, simplest to use and features the best design. And the best thing is that you only need your PS4 to use it. Where on the other hand for Oculus and Vive you need to have a beast of PC that can cost you more than 1000$, and the price of the bought VR headsets isn`t much cheaper. That is why PS VR is the best option for all the gamers, and in many cases, it will provide you with the best VR experience that you can have. It also has the best VR exclusives from all the other VR headsets. But, how does the PS VR works? How does all of that technology allows you to immerse yourself in the game, make you feel like you are inside the game. We will try to give you the answer to that and many others questions. So let`s start.

Why is Playstation VR so much better than the competition?

So, why is PS VR so much better than the competition? First reason is because of its price. Playstation VR will set you down 350$, when on the other hand, Oculus Rift will cost you 200$ more, and Vive 400$ more. Which is pretty much outrageous. You can buy 2 PlayStation VR headsets for the price of the one Vive. Another plus for the PlayStation VR is that it has a very large install base. There are around 50 million PS 4 out there, and the only thing that you need for running the PlayStation VR is the PS 4 itself, nothing more, nothing less. Where, on the other hand, for Rift and Vive you need a beast of the PC that will cost you at least extra 1000$, probably even more. That is why the install base for both of those VR headsets is so low. While on the other hand Playstation VR is holding the largest share of the market between those three VR headsets.

Another plus for the PlayStation VR is its design. It looks futuristic, features LED lights that only make the whole experience better. It is so easy to set up and it is easy to adjust it for your head size. While on the other hand design of the Vive and Rift is unimaginable, bland, simple and boring. None of those VR headsets will catch your eye, while, on the other hand, PlayStation VR headset will definitely catch your eye and get you interested.

Only things that you need to use PS VR is to have PS4 and have a PS4 camera. That’s all, no need for any other expensive products or additions to your PS4. You can also use old motion controllers that you used on your PS3 for even better immersion.

You have a much bigger library of games that you can play in VR than on the other headsets. The best one is definitely Resident Evil VII. Which is a first AAA game that is fully playable in VR, and it is so amazing in VR. And, of course very, very scary.

Playstation VR specs:

The headset itself features Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen that us 5,7 inches, which gives you a pretty clear picture inside the headset. Field of view is 100-degrees, wich is pretty good. Most games offer the only 90-degree field of view, so PlayStation VR field of view is pretty great. The refresh rate is also pretty amazing, it is 120Hz, wich is on par with gaming and high-end monitors. There is no chance that the Screen will freeze up because of the refresh rate. The latency of the headset is less than 18ms, which is pretty acceptable.

The weight of the device is 610g which is not too heavy. You won`t feel any fatigue after prolonged use, which is highly appreciated. The headset features a number of LED lights that are used for tracking the unit. The headset is very comfortable, you can even use it if you are wearing glasses. It also features quick-release button that allows you to get the device on or off pretty easily.

How does PlayStation VR work?

The most important thing is how the whole system works? First, and most important part is that the system works with motion tracking. That is why you need to have a PS4 camera installed. The camera will track your headset and translate all of your head movement into a game, which in the end gives you 1:1 motion. LED on the headset are there for easier movement traction, camera much easily tracks your head movement with those lights. It allows the system to recognize how much you have moved your head in all of the directions, even backward. The motion controllers work in the same way as the camera. The only thing that is missing is that the device can track your whole body movement, which Vive can do, but the whole installation process is cumbersome and hard. You can, of course, use the PS4 controller for playing the VR games, but it won’t gives you the same experience as the Playstation Move controllers.

Playstation VR is the best VR headset that you can buy today. It offers you the most for the lowest price. None of the others VR headsets come even close to the Playstation VR. People recognize what is worth of their money, what will give you the best experience and best moments. And that device Is definitely Playstation VR. It is only serious VR headset that has entered mainstream gaming in a big way and shown people what can be possible with the VR. We only hope that game developer will realize the potential of the VR and what it can do for gaming and other social experiences.

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